Our location Stockholm

Nobelbergsgatan 6, 131 54 Nacka

+46 702933285



Nobelbergsgatan 6, 131 54 Nacka

We are located in what is called the Formalin Factory, which is one of the few remaining houses of the old settlement on Nobelberget. The house has 3 floors and three chimneys on the roof. We share the house with a number of others, including Black Honey Roasters. You will find the entrance to us on the opposite side to the roastery.

If you come by car

The easiest way is to park in the Sickla shopping district and walk to us from there.

But if you want to drive all the way, it's easiest to come from the Sicklarondellen, turn off towards Sickla and in the roundabout at Bauhaus drive up towards Sickla station. Turn left after the construction sheds onto Nobelbergsgatan. Drive straight ahead and you will end up to the left of a brick house with three chimneys.

That's where we are. There is a loading bay outside for short visits and a number of street parking lots with payment via app.

If you come by public transport

Take the bus to Sickla Bro or take the tram to Sickla. If you get off the Sickla bridge, walk with the tracks on the left side back until you can turn left.

If you're coming by tram, it's up the stairs and to the left, then follow the same instructions as below.

You can also take the bus to Sickla strand and go up towards Sickla station, take the first left and then you will see us on the right side after about 50 meters.

Stay on the right side of the road after you turn and walk until you pass a barber, a driving school and a naprapath. Turn right and you will soon see a large brick building with three chimneys on your right. The formalin factory. Inside you will find us. Enter on the opposite side from Rosteriet.