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I have never had so much fun learning a new language, and even after all these years I still remember my first "lektion"... it has been a wonderful start into my journey of learning a lot about the Swedish language, country and culture. If you ever thought (or made the experience) that learning grammar and vocabulary is a pain, try a lesson with Maria! Do not only broaden your skills and horizon, but also get to know a bright, brilliant person! / Brigitte Muench, Switzerland

In the last two weeks I was on educational leave. I used this time to learn Swedish and where better to learn a language than in the country where you speak it. Learning a language in a country always gives you an insight into the country and the culture. I would like to thank María Laopodis, my teacher, who always explained patiently. The beginning is made, now I will continue learning Swedish in Germany. I am very grateful for the time and the experiences. / Pascal, Hamburg

The language course in Malmö was a unique experience! It was a lot of fun!!! Maria runs the courses with real heart and soul!!! A great teacher! I can really recommend the courses! /Frank Meyland